Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The incantations on the Nabami morning

This time, this might have been the first time that I am not out on Ashtami at least. I was working whole day , just took some time out to get some water bottles since there was no drinking water at home.

The morning was complete with sounds from the nearby pandal . The nabami incantations are on and they are using the mike as usual. Not that I am having problems with it, rather I like it. It churns out some of the best memories of my old times.


Nabami is a great day for us, since it is almost taken as the last day for the pujas. Though many believe that tomorrow being a Thursday , we cannot immerse the durga tomorrow , we will rather do it on the coming Friday . I believe that in Hyderabad and Bangalore, they would be doing it on the weekend since they have to rely on people coming from their work desks to do the work.


No body gets any holidays for the same. The day is a bit on the cloudy side and I am getting the feeling that today we will get the most number of people on the roads. I will try and get a sneak peek into the nearby good ones.

Netaji Sporting Club and Laketown Adhibaashi Brinda are two of the better ones out here. Dum Dum Park is another one that is quite famous. Sreebhumi Puja gathers a lot of attention due the incoming flux of people from Barasat and Madhyamgram and beyond.


The Lake town Adhibashi Brinda puja  ,opposite to the Jaya cinema hall is very famous due to the protima shilpi or the idol artist, Sushanta Pal, He also makes 3 other famous idols for the city like 66 palli.

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