Tuesday, October 7, 2008

And a sunny Saptami

Well, after a long wait the sun did some out and phew, you real are stuck with what you need, We cannot stand the sun, the rains are spoil sport, it is something in between isn’t it ,


Some of the greats of south Kolkata Pujas, like 66 th palli, 23 palli, Badamtala, Shib Mandir, Ekdalia, Beck Bagan, Mudiali Park, Park Circus,


Now that they are household names and people can see them on one of the 10 channels that are broadcasting news from in and around the pandals all across the city and also footage from Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai,

Some of them have gone farther in their attempts. Pujas from NY and from London,

My views on it are, be active in the local puja but stay away from making a car ride across the city . I am shattered as the shadow of my childhood memories of Durga Puja is what I want to recreate , but that will, the appetite has died

I am a common man and common man never puts down its views in writing. Blogging gives me that electronic medium to write out my feelings. All there years I have found literary jewels to far out connected from the average mans needs and thinking. They talk of abstracts , but the common man is suffering from its own pain of common life which has no fun but a treadmill run that never ends,

I got a call on Ashtami morning today , What it meant to me was, why I was not available at work yesterday .,

Yes running away from work is onething , but spending hours on Saturday and Sunday , till 4 am in the morning , I thought that something good might be in store for me on Monday

The puaj parikrama was not good either. It turned out to be tiring and not fulfilling. People can enjoy a cool and relaxed Durga Puja may be in Hyderabad but not Kolkata anymore.


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