Friday, October 3, 2008

These Dell touch pad problems

I was trying to figure out how to stop the touch pad from working when I am typing something or using some other pointing device like a mouse or a pin ball or a joy stick.

I found one site by Amit Agarwal which describes something about the control panel having it.


To turn off the touchpad when an external mouse or other pointing device is present, you can goto the Control Panel and double click the Mouse properties icon.

Click the Device Select tab and check "Disable Touch Pad when USB Pointing Device is present." The cursor will no longer move via the touchpad.



But I did not get much help from these. The DELL guys do use the Alps touch pad drivers and we need to  dig in there I believe.

I think the best think to do is go to the DELL site and download the drivers to disable them since they exist here in most of the DELL machines ( I have a company provided Latitude D610  guy ) most of them are made in assembly line production and have not been given proper care for their worth and that is what causes all these mishaps



It seems the Alps, glide stick drivers in the DELL support page are the audio drivers.  There is another page for the Synaptics drivers. I better look into that



And then the only problem is we need to restart the system and yes it works

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