Friday, October 3, 2008

How some Bengalis will never come back

Why will they come back ?

Bengalis will kick their own butts twice , do a full summersault and stand on their heads for days , cut a finger or two may be, let their wives get raped may be, offer their children to an orphanage may be, before they will come back .


Yes that is an astounding statement of people leaving this place and settling else where.

Many of my friends have paid 40-50 lakhs of a single flat somewhere   in  the outskirts of Bangalore r Hyderabad. They never even think of coming , they don’t look back , the next big problem will be the conflict of the local Bengaloreans ,Kannadigas and theBengalis in general.


Today , we stopped them coming back , .Nano is no more in Singur, Nano is gone.

Nano was some thing that that the world market was looking at, Wilbur Ross for WL & Ross company NY , on the other day in an interview to CNN IBN clearly spoke of the concern of foreign investors in India ( Singur now represents India ). A reputed and honest company like Tata need not have been stopped, but yes when something like this happens to a company like TATA , foreign investors are fast thinking of receding back  and that is the bare truth,


Everyone thinks of earning some more, every one thinks of doing better in life. But somehow  your world changes when you come to this place, This harrowed place, where Raja Rammohan Roy lived, Vivekananda lived , Ramkrishna teached.


I am a Bengali and today I accept that we as a community may be thought to be intellectuals, but we are a bunch of hopeless romantics who cannot and should not be given the chance to rule anything. We are a all Pagla Dashus.

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