Friday, October 3, 2008

Nano Singur, Gone

Singur is gone , and we are in no doubt in a lot of pain.

This post is to tell the world, if any body cares to read this,

We as Bengalis are extremely sorry to the nation to be a part in this shameful thing. I believe yes, industrialists are always running behind profits, and this and that , blah blah,

But we do know somewhere somewhere deep , we want development. All philosophy apart and leaving the romantics aside, we all take a small breath once in a while looking at others development. I am sorry , we are a bunch people who are slowly moving towards our deaths. A suicidal community, we criticize each other, we have crab mentality and cannot survive the success of others, we have only learned work place politics , we have only learned nepotism, we have only learned how to mock , jeer and look down upon others.

We are lazy and we are hopeless to the extent that we cannot justify by any amount of words. Today I sitting somewhere in Kolkata ,Somewhere near to the whole fiasco, friends, we have gone back 10 years all of a sudden.

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