Friday, October 3, 2008

Yes Tatas are gone

I never thought that I will follow politics this actively.

Yes, when you are making money, when you are running behind your dreams, when you are outside West Bengal, you will never know that how a mass of idealists who turn mob mentality in politics of rather twisted values, don’t even know that time is of such importance and value.

They while away, they swindle with time.

They love, and romance and write poems and do agitations., Yes, all those are good, there are a number of Hollywood movies like Click, Mighty Evan and so many others  where they show how family is important,

But what about the average people who need to earn a proper living, how the youth is wasted idling on the rocks, how the middle ages are wasted running behind autos and buses .

How this state cries I don’t know, but even I today they don’t agitate and make move we are doomed for ever.

Every other year more Bengalis ( the more skilled and more talented ones are moving out of the state ) More and more people are losing their faith in the states growing frustrations. More boys will die elsewhere than live in this dead coop,


I am sure that there are some philosophers who might inetervene and say yes , Bengalis are a bunch of intellectuals and these deals like Tata all come and go. It is all the maya . There is no need to do back breaking work.

Nope, My friends that is the crap that holy saints can take and only they can survive it. Mere mortals like me and you need a concrete structure with a lot of blacks and whites, some greys  which we will never get the time to ponder


Bengal , we cry today.

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