Thursday, October 9, 2008

Some interesting thing to ponder on




17 May 2006 index was 12,217, 14 Jun 2006 index was 8,929


I found this some where in one of the discussion threads in traderji .com. Thing is that too many people cannot be doing the right thing, that takes the fun of being right at the right time. So discussion forums when filled with tips and advices, it becomes difficult to gleam out any significant content out from any of those.


Like the commodities market , which plays seasonal did take a reverse turn this time, which goes on to show what common people entering the market and retail investors becoming experts can do . There is a simple law of physics, that is the pyramidal shape.

Everything follows the pyramid way, whether it is the spiritual path,  or the monetary world or the structure of a company or the foundation of a good building.

The stability comes only from the pyramidal shape , with the low lying bricks to carry the brunt of the pressure always, and the top ones getting the sun .


During the exam period the paper stocks are supposed to go up  , but if you were to read this years trends you will find out to be the opposite ( not exactly opposite,  I am not the director of Sansani , churning out terrible stories). All I am saying is that too many people read into these kind of seasonal playing and that creates the kind of effect that makes the market statistics go crazy



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