Thursday, October 9, 2008

Some data regarding some of the mutual funds in India

Though most of the houses are running low as we speak ( it is Oct 2008 ) one of the worst crises since  the 1930s depression.


Well , Karan Thapar was hosting one interview of Montek Singh Ahluwalia ,and he rather brought out the point candidly that the time coincides with Christian killings in Orissa, Tata suffering at the hands of land politics, and liquidity crunch in the ongoing market.


Still, I believe that there is a lighter side to it all, and that is that the fundamentals itself will not break and investors who are planning only for a long term plan can be in the win win position.

Though there is no proof of the data below, but I got hold of it from Money




SIP returns over 8 years

Normal returns over 8 years

Franklin India Bluechip



Pru ICICI Growth



HDFC Equity



Reliance Growth





I believe that what they are trying so sell here is that SIP is the best way to average out the market ups and downs which many experts believe is the best way to play the market.

One thing definitely goes always is the fact that if money making was an easy game there is no need for running any business, starting any company and think about development,

When half the world sits and does research about how the companies are moving and a small bunch tries it out the hard way to make money the good old way, by producing something and by selling something, there is bound to be an economic catastrophe and that is exactly what happened this time

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