Friday, October 3, 2008

This is our 9/11

How many lives were affected by the 9/11


Tata Nano gone from Singur and the whole states dreams hopes and aspirations killed in the same shot . WE die today  a mass grave needs to be put out,

Somebody come and draw the lines, please, Bengalis, wake up, we as a community are now one of the most hated ones ,for our aversion to hard work , politics in the work place, crab mentality at its highest levels, and failures at its best.


What do we do?

Do we sit and produces, scholars either, nope , they die some where  in the education system, artists, they die singing in the rails and industrialist, they die in the hands of the local goons.


This is our 9/11 , we have been stuck by the unlucky snake, ugly face of politics, throws the state back a hundred steps.

Somebody give me some hope

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