Friday, October 3, 2008

Singur Nano , A masterplan

Yes, Singur and Nano ,

They were just the tips of the iceberg,

This is a simple masterplan. A plan that will keep CPIM in the state for ever,

How else do you think complete lunacy stand up as an opposition to the almighty CPIM . This was a master plan from Jyoti Babu, He did his swan song at last.

He let a woman stand up against the team, for ten years she wreaked havoc, for ten years she acted as the response to the red cadre,

For ten years she did what was not wanted, the real evacuation of the commie agenda, all she did was  a verbal fight altogether, a word on word accusatory  game,



Why do you think , all other powerful parties have not been able to stand in the state and this person comes from nowhere, gets the funding to run her rallies, agitations. The day she stepped down from the Cabinet, I realized that she never had any aspirations but to feed the CPIM goodwill in the state, All she wanted to do was with the state and its politics and for CPIM.


She acted as that link , that hope that gave the people of this state the ray of hope, “SEE, YES, THERE IS OPPOSITION”

And then all of a sudden ten years have gone and people started to loose their nerves, rightfully, she acted the devil and all that part of the masterplan.

Now she will be ousted by the people and all we will ourselves put the CPIM back to glory to hackney us for the next 30 years.


I think, today we step into the next 30 years of CPIM governance !!!!


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