Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lack of clear literature as of now

I am finding it difficult every day to have one single point of data collection for the  stock market. And the market analysis is not yet the best if you were to follow network 18, CNBC awaz, Zee Business and NDTV profit,

That is pretty much the bouquet of channels that I get, here sitting at home I will be wasting time trying to figure out and browse through all the electronic media available for comprehensive reports of major stocks and the way , the major money market moves,


May not be case studies every day , but stock analysis of some major stocks could be an added advantage in one media that you maintain. If I am able to float the first Bengali Magazine online, I will definitely take that as my second project to get one online share market magazine asap.

I know that the market for that is open , and there are already some magazines that do that, 4 news channels completely devoted to that single aim is one example of what I am pointing at.

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