Wednesday, October 29, 2008

There is something black happening with the market

The volatility and the decoupling with the DOW is something funny. I did not expect it in a long time.

Yesterday the DOW went up by 1000 points almost. A very good day in the markets, and the Diwali mahurat trading saw a lot of good news in the making.

I was worried though, that the markets are getting played by someother factors and the decoupling from the world markets are bound to happen.

Even CNBC 18 , has been voicing this for a long time now, that the FII selling is found to be about 1100-1200 crores a day , where else the market is losing grounds.

Hyper selling is fine but the upmarket swings in exactly opposite days has made the predictability levels beyond the eyes of a mere speculator. I am of the school of thought now that there will be a large fall tomorrow


Currently it is 2:33 in the afternoon and the market after having 500 points ( near about that ) and crossing the 9000 mark is now back to the 8000 levels.

I think it will go back to 8500 levels by tomorrow.


Dow will be falling tonight if my predictions go correct

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