Saturday, October 4, 2008

Time flies

Time flies when you work, when you have a dream, I just wish I could stop the time for some more time. That is a paradox and a cyclic graph if you were to ask me, since the moment I stop it, another time starts to tick right.

We enter a domain where we cannot explain what happened in the last which is the 4th or is exactly  happening in the last.

It is more like a forked out process that has no idea at all what to do about the parent guy , but the parent may or may not choose wait for its child processes to come back.

Some of these processes enter the zombie state and remain so till heaven comes.


Well, some one can always crash the machine. I was reading Bourne Betrayal the other day , though many have suggested me to read the first three Bournes written by Robert Ludlum himself before I go ahead. But I am of the belief that the reading Eric Van Lustbader will give me so much more confidence while going towards reading the original guy. I am sure that fans are not totally convinced that Eric has done justice to the Bourne characters.


So I will be going from the worse to the best. I was reading about this terrorist organization that at first sends in a cryptic message which is nothing but a sequence of instructions to recreate a virus, so when a person or a mole is in , you can actually get hold of it and without actually transferring any sort of virus files through their firewalls or magnetic device scanners get the stuff in. That was really ingenious of the terrorist outfit,


So much for the blabbering that usually starts at around this time of the evening for me.  It is 11 in the night and I am still working my ass for this project .

I am taking frequent breaks now and then ( mostly when the internet is down  ), And also browsing once in a while to come back to blogging.

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