Friday, October 3, 2008

Went to State Bank of India Lake town branch today

Well, people say that the passport offices are a world of their own. Some people come out unscathed and some don’t.
My funda behind anything I do where the government of India is involved is to be ready all the time. It is an out and out war. People scampering with a lot of questions. The Illiteracy hurts when you see what the officers there have to go through. I have some sympathies for them. They too find it funny at times, as to how their lives have shaped up.

Holed in those dungeons, where very few would want to go alone.

Passport office in Chennai , Shashtri Nagar, I have some tough time there, Some body said that hold a bunch of papers and walk confidently and no one will notice. All these small smart and cheap tricks do still work in places where the  intelligence stays back and mass frustration jumps in.


The country as such is full of frustrated people, frustrated due to sex ration, frustrated due to lack to good childhood and competition against children from good families, ego problems due to a wealthy neighbors and all it has turned out into is one hell of a place where no one dreams of relaxing , everybody is rushing ,everybody wants to be the best,


In the middle of all these changes, exists some institutions like the State Bank branch that I went to. It will never evolve contrary to popular believes. The senior people out there are still the best from their batches that passed out in the 70’s. The current generation smarties don’t work in government jobs any more. They are looking forward to better prospects from our American forefathers,

As a country we are feeding ( courtesy Mela Ram , Giving light to the neighbors house ). The young girl at the desk has no idea what to do when a peon is required since he is travelling from desk to desk with some other work. Load of banking transactions have increased in the past few years since the rate at which people are changing there future , savings and current investments plans have become more frequent. More people have started to use the banks and what remains back are organizations which did not grow with the changing times,

SBI will been seen promotin hoardings, where they say that they hold 60K plus branches.


Actually, whatever infrastructure they had since their inception, was painted blue and were added to the head count of the branches they have, Noting more than that.


Some of the desks have no fones and the people working there have to move from one desk to the other everytime she or e needs something. They have not increased the counters where they can , and when they can, Some days you will find people saying, since that is not my work, I will not share somebody elses work.


In a private environment you are encouraged to take up more work and the culture prevails till the day ou exhaust and die. Well, nothing to glorify it my way ,but still, to look into the way the bank was working with serpentine queues all around the place , I was just thinking whether we are even near to realizing our dreams of a better future.

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