Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another idea for 11 Oct 2008

After I am done with some of the personal projects that I am taking up for VCS,I will be able to devote some time out from the EDA industry to delve into the stock markets , I know it is difficult to find a site that maintains all the data , but I will like to get out as much as data as possible from the other stock sites and get one consolidated website to do all that. Initially it might be very difficult to go ahead given the volume of data , but since managing work like in VCS you learn to manage huge regressions ( number of test cases ) you grow up to the idea of having an environment where huge data is getting monitored.

I will also be trying to get in some AI into the market, I know it is difficult to look into major markets that way since you know that it is mainly a sophisticated platform for gambling as many who stay out of it choose to do so, but I still haven’t thought much about whether it is a game of luck or not,

But definitely sitting at home, waiting for somebody else to do his or her business to grow and put all the hardwork , you cannot earn money that way, You can show me Warren Buffet but for that you will need all your life to earn that much, moreover, there is only one Warren Buffet and you need to be much more than that to be earning in a real platform, producing something and selling that. That is what is called business, You will have to put hard work and reap benefits for it. You cannot sit at home reading about stocks and how they play and then let somebody else make money for you

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