Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Somethng is driving Nasdaq crazy today


Nasdaq is doing good in the beginning hours of the day today, Relaxation in trading regulations in Australia and also the talks of removal of Euro has been doing the rounds for quite some time now.

I believe the recession has its good and bad sides together, the bad being more, but since the business will go on and basic fundamentals of all stocks will keep trading without making millionaires by the hour, which was happening with our country for almost a decade now,


Some sad story out there , Karthik Raja Ram an Indian techie in US committed suicide after killing his mother in law , wife and children . He was suffering from financial pressure for a long time and finally succumbed to it. I understand the problems first generation Indians face out there. It is a pain of the decision and  money being the only soothing tonic in foreign land, but somehow  if that monetary tick dies, your world comes crumbling down.

Still, the thought , why he did not return to his country back is one thing that is looming large in my mind. I have no clue ( may be loans all around the place ) ,



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