Saturday, October 4, 2008

The truth about Singur,

The truth about it all is, the expectation of a CPM back firing , another siege and a shootout, some deaths and then a whole political drama altogether,

Nobody bothers about the long term harm that the state will go through , the overall, attitude of Bengalis and that of the others about us, Nobody cares about the same,


I found most of the anti left channels to telecasting movies , songs and useless everyday drama without realizing or coming to terms with the fact that there has been a loss. A irrecoverable loss, This is the time, when the state could have done wonders, due to the intellect it possesses , the hard working lower class it has and the low prices it has maintained over the years. We have never been in a better position to do better and never been in a worse position to commit this act of mindless naxalism in the forefront of the Nuclear deal that takes the country one step forward

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