Friday, October 17, 2008

Nasdaq today

I was waiting to see something like this for a long time. I know that the world considers United States as its capital . Indians typically don’t want to go to Europe, the sole reason being the fact that if I have got to live like a church rat, I better be saving some money to show off when I come back to India, rather than spending all that I earn out there in Europe.



Now there are obviously places like Italy , where people have taken shelter as refuges for a long time, but the major intention being , travelling across the continent all the way to England, which is a mother land to many Indians, some left back and some who went there long time back


The American dream comes at a price, the first generation that goes there gives his heart and soul to reach a decent or so called standard lower middle class livelihood , though in the recent past, many Chinese and Indian first generation Americanized Desis have made some mark out there , typically joining the middle class out there in starting head on with most of the people out there. Now wonder there are now many second generation Indians who are slowly taking their stances as they got the platform and the educational background to start with,


The American dream has the only price that you got to adopt it sooner or later, You got to become an American by way or will of your children , or meontary , and social upliftment that comes with the American life. Slowly you realize that being a hoarder you are actually the best possible American out there. And the time now has come to show world that, there cannot be a society full of people who are not productive , but take away a large share of the world produce, only to live beyond the living standards that other parts of the world dream of.


Though , blame it one poverty and the will to earn a decent livelihood, chased by the childhood demons of  a low social status due to monetary conditions and the scene of parents sweating blood money out to educate a child, the Indian and the Chinese rushes and keeps rushing towards , whatever comes his way,

Most middle class Indians, produce a far productive human being than many other countries in the world,


The challenges of surviving in a populated country like India itself requires such a lot of commitment that the molding starts right at the tender ages when a child starts to go to a school loaded in a auto, suffocating in a bus only to get seat sometimes.


We don’t need a Suana to sweat off, we sweat on the way home, we meditate through out prayers and don’t need high powered yogis and tantriks to teach us Yoga on a evening class.

By the time we are ready to venture in to the world, we have already , been converted into work machines.


This is the way the world runs . Nasdaq today showed some interesting features,


if you were to follow the last few days in the market,  these are the items that are slowly strengthening in the markets out there,


agricultural products; industrial REITs; coal and consumable fuels; steel; consumer finance; construction materials; internet software and services; home entertainment software; forest products; biotech



Well, to follow are the items that are slowly weakening, sure signs of the countries, increasing  need to reiterate its societal awareness, the country has to wake up to need to the globe as a whole


homefurnishings; real estate svcs; oil and gas equip and services; auto parts and equip; multi-sector holdings; homebuilding; publishing; gold; electronic components; household appliances


Luxury out to an extent. I would not say that India is strengthening, due to this whole fiasco. India still remains tangled in it age old system and culture and things are still going at a pace which I believe will take its time


I am one unfortunate person , who will not be able to witness the change, but definitely feel the winds of change may be,



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