Friday, October 3, 2008

Want to read real stuff

I Was worried that the Bengali Intellect has stopped producing gems ,

I was worried that the only attribute that made us ticking all along is dying. Well, nope, there are a few gems and jewels that are still born.
I found this extraordinary piece of blog ,


Please read his  views on Bengal, Mamata  Banerjee, and the Singur drama.

It all comes down to speculation. My mama who was a die hard Kolkatan, enjoying everything the state gives,and takes. He accepted till date whatever  he saw,

A youth full of unemployment, a middle age full of frustration and knows each day that he grows old that the Bengali drama is over


People can sing, Singh is King, Ek Punjaban, in their own class and own culture , may not be suave , but the best possible from their side, but no one dares say “The Bengali stands a chance”



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