Monday, October 13, 2008

Markets did a summersault today

It was a mirror image of what happened on Friday as they say  it, Some of the shares that I was looking up to like Shobha developers and Yes Bank and they both did about 10 % jump . If I were into intra day trading I would have made 10 K in one single day. What I am doing now is slowly analyzing the market. We need to study the American market patterns of the 1940s and 50s , Since India today pretty much resembles the market times in those periods. 

Some softwares I have written will mainly look like enhanced Duckworth Lewis System that they apply for Cricket. What I am looking forward to is a language that can take in semantics at the end of the day , it will be a dynamic program that will run throughout the day  studying Nikkei, HangSeng, Nifty, FTSE, CAC and they Dow , the whole day, try and find out the patterns. I know many softwares have been already written but what I believe is that there should be a language in which you can interpret the market,

Lets say there exists a language that can do a real time analysis of the market and then send you reports at the end of the day that these are potentially those guys who have a better chance in the markets tomorrow.

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