Thursday, May 29, 2008

About MFA sites

Hi All,

I found some interesting stuff in the net. This is about the most common mistake that every blogger makes . We have a multitude of bloggers who usually do the following


It seems there are two kinds of bloggers,

1.       Who do it for passion

2.       Legal blogger, they abide by hundreds of laws and use their blogs to provide news and views about a lot of material

Now for the ones with a lot of passion , you are really the people who make blogosphere a nice place for all, but when it comes to the ones making sites ( completely MFA or the made for adsense ones ) make the following mistakes


1.       They put too much of non related content. No body ever thinks of coming back to those site, Moreover they will abhor the sites more than anything. More so if they put that one as a spam ( they can just flag it in blogger ) you must have seen the flag in  the top left corner. You can try that but you will simply harass my blog if you do it here.

2.       Misplaced ads and a complete splash of ads every where on the pages. Makes reading a lot of head ache. You will find one thing funny as to big images, which are cornered and merge almost with the ads in the page. Some of them like the chitika malls will allow you to keep random images and bigger ads, You will have some images which match this image boundaries. People out there are spending time finding out about better locations and how to fool people. That way they get more impressions on their pages.

3.       You will also find some blogs with messages like click my ads or soliciting ads for their blogs, these guys are heavily looked down upon google and they are making attempts to stop all this nuisance as much as possible.

4.       One of the most interesting ones it the links exchanges, you will find some mails, like the one I got yesterday asking you to exchange your blog with somebody else, so that you have backlink from theirs. Trust me I have already checked my Google Webmasters account and found that the goolge bot did crawl me last on the 19th of May ( today is the 29th of May ) and within this period my clicks on my page has increased manifold. Earlier, there only people who chanced upon my blog by the next blog feature, now I have visitors from all over the world. Today morning I looked at my geo ID and I found myself to be in quite a comfortable position. So this is the time when greedy bloggers and newcomers will like to exchanged their sites with mine. Please make a google webmsasters account and use it to get as much information as possible.

5.       They use keyword dense pages all to no avail. This way they will never be able to make anything out there. This guys will find a lot of clicks through out but nothing much later. Though most of the information about the web you will find the Wikipedia articles, people want to make their blogs a repository of information on line.

6.       Then there are few you will give a magnum opus to their blogs with flowery language and take pot shots at all known bloggers, they are as good as a newcomer in the industry trying to steal the limelight  where Sharukh Khan is attending  party .

7.       Don’t think that you are publishing a book. Please, that will hurt you a lot, people don’t like blogs which write all things like, I will be bringing out my sould onto this blog. I will try to make it as informative as possible. One thing I will share here is I have not been able to do much in the last few days given the work schedule I have but I have still made my blog as informative as possible. I have tried to give some information to the new comers .

8.       Well, this is the final and the most funny one. New bloggers will take upon this topic more often than not. They will write about the grand truths of blogging. You will see sites that will give you advice about all sorts of thing that are dos and donts in the blogging world. And finally my blog is one such .



See how embarrassing this could be. Let me be careful about what I chose to say here, since you may never read my blog again. I was a succesfull blogger once and google taking over blogger has left me with no option but to write a new blog, so after a lot of hassles I have finally written small tids and bits about blogging and what I know

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