Friday, May 23, 2008

Ramble Ramble

About a few days back I had written a block on how to get hold of a summer internship. It seems Pakistan has some options open. Since my blog might be read by people there too, I found this site interesting


They are offering summer internships in graphic design. ( Some company called Nuvica ) .

Being and Indian we seldom come to know of the internals and development going on in some other country. Being lucky  I got a chance to see places like HongKong, Singapore and some cities in United States. Yes you can see developed countries have a different meaning to the word life . We in India compromise all the time. We compromise out breakfast to come early to office. We eat lunch provided from office because we don’t have time and resources to get good food. We compromise out sleep to beat the traffic.


Moreover when it comes to making bigger decisions in life , we are yet to achieve any major breakthrough. We still go by whatever comes policy and live life half heartedly. We have a constant pang somewhere that we too are of the same blood and flesh and have the  intellectual capacity to beat any one average in any developed country , why it is so that  we need to suffer


I found about a hundred blogs that go out and out while bringing out the frustrations of the average life standards in developing countries.  Mot Indians abroad are planning to come back or thinking about  giving it a try . Tell you what, sitting here we can feel the difference that you may face, what about the original person who having stayed there for more than decades plan to come back , and moreover for your kids it is one trauma  mountain that they don’t want to climb.


Life has to be fulfilling so that you can think of broader stuff. Here in India dating is such a serious issue for most boys who would spent most of their childhood trying to become just at par with the average or the middle class that they are lost out on the race to get a decent company of a girl. They spend most of their time in search of something elusive


We Indians believe in producing more boys that it can hold and dowry murders are still a reality with more number of cases going unrecorded for fear of reputations. Police will happily co operate.  In a developed country anything with demotivates or insults a wives identity will be taken into serious consideration . Forget that in a country like ours where human beings are as available as insects, the wife dies silently.

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