Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Not much of a day today

I came across some of the mails form people  who wanted to do link exchange for my blog. According to many opinions online , we should not be doing that , since the links that back link to us better be good since they do count for your ranking.


If someday I am able to become a successful blogger I may repent having allowed backlink from junk sites. Well, on the other hand, had too much work today to have even been able to write the third part of the series “Galtee sey mishtake ho gaya”

Will have to try my hands on cartooning soon. I tried the Odyssey here in the RMZ building here in Old Madras road. This Bay here has a lot of happening places like a gold gym coming up , the Kix mood bar, the indijoe outlet and the food court which has the regular names, like Baskin Robbins, Mc Donalds, Pathankot, Annachi, Pizza Hut ( the express one ) .

Also in line are some newbies like the hog dog ( the name is suggestive ) and sea food court, (though it remains closed all the time )


There is one eatopia , which is more like the CCD in the first floor.

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