Saturday, May 24, 2008

No more software engineeering

A few  years ago  a Software Engineer was the mark of success, the tower or achievement and object of desire.

HE is like the high ended Mercedes, the posh villa in the suburb and your ticket to success,

Today in India you will find him hiding in the corners. With the HR’s in India slowly waking up to the fact that he is by nature a boy from India, you give him shit and he will happily take it, you give the money and no services and he will adapt to it.

No need to the same perks that the American employee enjoys. We were not a LCC ( low cost country ) now we are on the way to become one. Management trainees are taught to fight away and question the principles of pampering the Indian employee. It seems they don’t deserve any ,


Then when the employees will get the idea that we are at the mercy of the company holding on to India, we stop demanding , we then only look at our end of the month salaries to cover up for all the wounds, and then it starts,



The old Indian problem , which ever is successful, try that. If software is successful, every jumps to the field to make money, and in the end you have too many people doing just that. If the marketing is doing good, millions of people join all sorts of marketing companies.  If a horror movie is doing good , hundreds of movies will release only to divide the charm and the overall capacity of the Indian market to absorb it. If you open some business with a new idea,  thousands of others will start immediately. There are just too many people.


You write a book, lakhs  of others will do it immediately. So is the IT field now , Slowly the HRs have woken upto the dream that it is not Hari Sadu who should suffer but the other one. Make sure that the misbehaving employee  is brought to justice. Because it is the number of options that they have. When I joined college I used to happy that someday I will become experienced and enjoy the same benfits as much as any other senior but it seems together with me millions of others also dreamt of the same end and they are all now as senior as me.


Companies have so many options that they can just ask you to leave.

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