Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Galtee sey mishtake ho gaya - series 2

Sharma jee is late again. He is usually prompt on days where there is a senior guy coming. Todays rally it seems is to show agitation against the new railbridge being built after removing the slum area in the bottom .


Well, it must be those junk fellows who threw a plastic bag full of cow dung on one of the passing trains once. That had led to the people inside the train start a fight and one I think died out of it.  Today Saala I have to support them. These guys are just there for votes .  They come to this world for no particular use. 


Stupid railbridge man, they say that the britishers had to fight the poor villagers to get their train lines set. Some said that the mechanical monsters. Fools, these buggers.


No need for them, they simply come to this world, suffer, suffer and die badly. It must be these slums what they tell you to be afraid of. The hell  . Do they even have any social life out there. My village Dhanyashram was good man, Good old days,

I would have never had this diabetes had I been in that village forever.

These quarters here don’t have proper light.


“Hey Sharma Jee, aaj late nahi hai kya?”


Sharma Jee – “ Jee, aaj thora late jaaney mey hi faaida hai”

You will not have to do the hard part, Show your face and then join the others to the party office. Today they have the inauguration of the new freezer in the party office. It seems the local soft drink  mob head has gifted one to the party office.



“Hmm, that is why they call it the party office , all they think of is party , party and party”


Sharma Jee – “Hmmm”


“And what about the cars, do we have the AC car, It seems my car is down , I will not take mine”


Sharma Jee – “Don’t worry Sir, everything is taken care of , we have the AC ready “ “But today the weather is nice, beats yesterday “


“Ya man, don’t remind me of  yesterday”, ‘those rascal police did not keep the road clear for my arrival, I was looking like Daba bhais donkey “


Sharma Jee – “No Sir, it was because the CMs car was going the other way , they had to serve that first”




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