Saturday, May 31, 2008

Blog templates

Found this one, which is just too good.
There are hundreds of blog templates here. I dont go or migrate to the new templates because I am pretty comfortable with the current strcuture.

Try the above on for all kinds of templates.
I also joined stumble upon . Just trying stuff, that people say. Make sure you have a picture to attract people to pages you stumbles upon. You dont directly upload your pages there. All you do is download the plugin for firefox 3 or for IE 7 and then you put a like it click for your own site. That is the only way out it seems.
Stumble upon has 5000000 plus members as of now, so that tells about the exposure you can get if you are doing things correct. And that is write stuff that is new and refreshing. Try to be good and the best if possible.

Also , Facebook is my next plan.I will try to make somewhat of a good profile out there and then upload my blog out there.

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