Friday, May 23, 2008

Galtee sey mishtake ho gaya

Do you remember Robert from Andaz Apna Apna ( one of the movies where Salman and Amir are together)


Galti sey mishtake, is something you will find every minister , every goddamn politician doing in India. I have been writing about so many things for so long. I never thought about writing something which is close to heart. Sarcasm, yes Sarcasm. I want to write now.

I will be starting a chain of blogs, which might be a bit oriented for the Indian audiences but corruption , poverty and adultery is something we adults in India will have to suffer till our adult hood steps into the mortuary.


I think I will use cartoons too for it. Do you know of any software using which I would be able draw cartoons better and something that will allow me to pen strokes. Currently I am having some where I am scanning the pics for my use.

Hopefully that will serve the purpose.



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