Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How to make fool of people?

You thought every thing had been tried.

Try this

This web page actually asks people to write up small genuine stuff and that way get volumes of blogs every month,

They have small incentives like a 10 dollar award for the best bloggers . All you will find are small jokes and anecdotes. Mostly from people who have cut and pasted them from the daily forwards that they receive. Wow that hits a point somewhere.


You do get a lot of forwards , don’t you . That is like a new culture that is beaming. Some people have the only interesting thing let in their lives being their inbox. All their excitement and anxiety starts and ends with the mail box full of forwards. Some of them mind it are really good. But seeing all forwards and keeping yourself busy virtually never gives you the opportunity to do it yourselves guys, For you it might look that the guy sitting in Europe or US might be having a better teenage or youth that you are but then he feels the same about you too.


Try this interesting blog to see how one mans creativity could should be so vast and the expanse of it all will keep you struck for quite some time



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