Sunday, May 25, 2008

How Indians are taking over

How the nation of a billion people plus will rise. There are millions abroad in all other countries. It is not like viral fever we don’t go over and make people suffer as we are portrayed. We go out in search of a living , a better living. We go out in  and do symbiotic life. We do work for cheap , live 6 people in one living room.

Never take a holiday and produce a new laborer every few years. Sorry it sounds bad , it sounds bad because you are well educated ( I presume since you are having a net connection and are so bored of mails and chats that you find time and interest in a blog like mine ) .  

Yes it sounds bad because , life of to you has a different meaning and you don’t want to pursue some thing that is already there . You don’t want to become like your father or your uncle who spent all there lives just in the hunt to make small house in the suburbs. Some spent it trying to get a flat somewhere outside.


Yes life is different for you but the Indian who could just manage to go to a foreign land it is captivity in a open jail. Half the time they don’t understand the laws there, the culture is impenetrable for the non whites. The medicals are costly, you prefer to be declared healthy even though you may be having a burning hot fever inside. I write here from personal interviews of people in Canada , New York and California.

They don’t take anything lightly any more, for them they have been split. It is like the partition happening to their personal lives everyday , but hopefully they were able to provide a good life to their next generation ( but only if their kids grew up in India ) 

We always consider the money to our childhood pocket money. I still think that if I could manage with 3000 In college today the money I am getting is a multiple of that by many times. But the appetite has changed, and even dollars cannot appease it.


So it was time for the Indians left here and ones with too fat a ego to goto a foreign land and start from the bottom of the ladder .  These guys , kept doing their jobs, and the only thing they wanted from their kids is good marks in school and a better paying job.
This story is the commonest of all. They all are doing it . India is a poor country , yes but the total number of skilled people in India far exceeds the total population of the United States, UK does not even stand a chance.


For feeding  200 million people United States have usurped all the resources that they could get hold of, We now produce more doctors, engineers and skilled people than any other country, ‘


PhD ‘s were difficult some time back since students had to start earning asap but now with more prosperous families giving their children a backing and the parents taking care of the kids till late 20 ‘s we have people who are ready to do doctorates American universities ( we save a lot of money that way ) . These increases the scope of research for America as well as India, but don’t think we are ignorant of thee ideas, We too are starting research labs in India, companies like prajay and Biocon which have their RnD here in India are slowly proving the point that if an Indian can perform well in United States, they will do it in India as well, just give him the right kind of resources ,


Indian men from prosperous middle class are marrying whites, We are honest and if good looks go with it, take my prediction that slowly Indian men will marry more foreigners than any other country,

Impressions about us are changing slowly, and we need to carry this forward. We are a country where every student believes that no matter what you do , be educated and be learned, You will live a better life.


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Dwight said...


I agree on most if not all of your comments and I am unashamedness proud of you Indians even though I am actually a proud African American.

I have watched in 10 short years across numerous professional job assignments the increasing contribution of Indians in several spheres - not only I.T. - but I.T is certainly one in which I've seen their impact the most profound.

I've sat side by side with colleagues who, while clearly occupied a temporarily lower socioeconomic status than I - due to their visa-relaed limited employment opportunites and possibly family wealth - I've seen the same individuals perform extraodarily well under the circumstances. In my opinion its a quality that many Americans have lost in the socio-economic advances many have made in the late 20th century.

Further, if that quality you describe amongst Indians is right - namely that education and learnedness is a reward in itself, which i think is your point - Indian will have a very bright future indeed.