Friday, May 30, 2008

Some more sites selling SEO

I found this one promising and also full of techniques on how to improve the seo;s. SEO’s it seems has reached another level all together,


Try this one, he even promotes the whole set of tools in a packaged format , ideal to induce the user to a good amount of money spending.

All the user comments sound pretty convincing. In the last few days that I have been doing research on all sort of SEO;s and people selling them this one looks like a best marketing strategy then ever. He is selling the product, making money form that and also the website gets a lot of visits too.

This is like double profit.

Moreover ranks will reach 10 or else guaranteed money return is something that I really would like to challenge. It is very difficult even for Wikipedia to maintain top rankings all the time. That just shows how much competition is running our there.

I saw one friend of mine just maintaining a site full of questions for interview and that does  much better than the ones online.

I would like to put interview questions myself and have done that in the last weeks mails, and blogs but the google bot has not yet visited my blog after that. So I believe that it will take some time.

In the mean time you can always go through the site to find out how much people are working out there to get the SEO;s in their hands.

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