Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Galtee Sey Mishtake Ho Gaya

There it goes again. I had just switched on the channel and there it is. The current political situation in India . All everybody knows is to blame we ministers.


Back in the days of the raj , ( they say ) it was better, people followed us wherever we went, there used to  be preparations everywhere. Look at the crowd today , I have to pay for the chicken tandoori and the biryani to get them to my pada yatras.

What the hell? It must be better in the western countries. It is even better for Rahul Gandhi.


Some people became famous writing about us and making mockery of the political system.  The other day one of the secretaries was showing me the cartoon of the political leaders in black hoods, that is what is left of the system.


You cannot believe the public any more. They are out there to throw mud at you all the time. Man , are we the only ones corrupt in this country.

“Chalo Choro yaar”,  I have to leave.  Today the toilet went well.  Let me finish my bath,



“Laxmi , get my clothes ready na!!” , I have to attend some rally today.


--- After some time ,

To Laxmi,

“Laxmi , today the food is tasty, those buggers will put up a party every day and invite me and ask me to eat somethingnn atleast . All those new hotel management guys, all they know is to design the table “Design the table “ Design the  table” Why don’t you cook the food well, people will eat it anyway, “


To Laxmi

“They will learn new ways to cut the coocaambar and poot it on the table  and think job done”.


Had I got the health ministry, may be I could have taught them a lesson or two”. This portfolio less life is like the beggar in Chitta Ranjan park. He knows the rich are staying here but they only stop by once a year if they have time from their work abroad.


God knows whether they will have a AC car today . They book all the best cars in town for those cabinet guys . Why did I have to  go independent?


Hmm, the food is really good. Well, let me take some more chapattis .



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