Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Shaun Marsh

The hero of the day . He just got out. This is one of those matches that they call the final before the final.

Punjab is really firing up today . Yuvraj has already hit 4 sixes on the  trot.


Well, IPL is the like the soap of cricket. If Saas Bahu serial can go upto 1000 episodes, ( although there used to one Zee TV serial in the beginning of the 90’s.  It actually ran all the way till the end of the decade.. More like the Bold and the Beautiful series,


The hero would have died for the umpteenth time and the heroine with the sex appeal  ( too tough to loose for the serial to last would marry for the umpteenth + numpteenth time too)

That is what the current serials have tried to borrow their stories from. Nothing extraordinary expect the mother in law, daughter in law troubles that would have been there in the western families had they stayed together.,

Just watch at the movie “Monster in Law “ to realize what I am talking about ?


Well , as for IPL it is mother of all drama, it is mother of all emotions, All the family watches it too. It is complete family entertainment and prime time material .

Also it is like a game show , with sex appeal. Girls look a at Sameer Kochar and Shiv Pandit in the xtra innigs stuff and Shane Watson,  and Branden Mc Cullum firing it up on field,


The cheer leaders are on fire all the time. They did stir up some controversy too, as expected from any soap serial. So there it goes, it did compete with the serials, it competes in family entertainment and wins in TRP ratings too.

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