Thursday, May 29, 2008

Some thing to share with everybody

This is my 99th post and I may be celebrating one post early, But his post is only to let you know that my first earnings on line has started.   Back when I used to blog vehemently I never thought about it but today I checked my adsense (it was unintentional, just for curiosity )


I saw there .01 dollars, that turns to almost 4.3 paisa Indian. Though I cannot buy anything with that but definitely this is a start.


I believe that if I can do it twice ,than any body can. No big hopes and dreams just for fun. My next post will be the 100th one for this blog and within this month when I started blogging  I believe that I have not put the maximum efforts. I can do more in the coming months with some reduced pressure of work .



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