Friday, May 23, 2008

Some one is right

The same HR who talked about Rention of his company employees last-week, is now talking about lay-off's/pink slips and thinks like that…. how to digest this.

There is nothing in our hands we just move along with the tide… Either "Retention or Layoff". We as an employee just are at the recieving end . And it is a materialistic Business World where only money has value, and we all are here to do business.

No body to be blamed, it the due course of time which sets things to be prioritized.

Bottom-line of any business is to keep the share holders happy, irrespective of the market scenario.

At the good times, when things are going so good, the management talks about  "Hires/gives retention bonus to its Employees/grants Joining bonuses and things like that" versus at the tough times "lay-off's/Head-count reduction/No recruitment/Requirement freeze/recession/pink slip/cost cutting".

so no blame game here…

how to accept the fact and prepare for this.

  • first and foremost stop your shopping , rather spending time just by shopping during weekends.
  • have a financial plan, have a work-out how long can you stretch if there is a job-cut for you… do you know , we all have lot of financial commitments[home-loan/car-loan/personal loan/credit-card balance/monthly expenses] for every month, open an xls sheet, and plan right now.
  • stop or post-pone your vacation plan till you are so comfortable on your financial status.
  • think about your parallel money making concepts, like part-time job if possible and thinks like that, plan , at least 'sow these seeds in your mind' which will guide you.
  • Based on your "personal balance-sheet", work out on the areas where you can undergo cost-cutting.


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