Saturday, May 31, 2008

Welcoming and funneling traffic

Funneling traffic is an art.
well, you got to have a niche blog for that , but always can you jinx up a niche blog no matter what. It takes time and a lot of energy and lot of research too.
I will write my next blog on the fields in general in which a person can write blogs. Well, the genres are something of a boundary less planet, where bloggers do overlap their material.
People do all kinds of stuff online.

I usually visit a friends place who does everything online, from tickets, movies, food etc everything. A broadband connection and a mobile fone is all he neeed. If he gets a skype account , he may as well, only make calls from the net.

Coming back to the master topic for the day , I am going to tell you about some of the ways to get traffic in to your blog

1. RSS

poor solution and a tough one to manage. You got to be very careful with those. You need some readers who are dedicate enough to wait for your next upcoming blog but there are others who will just come to site for the only one time in their life ad never to meet again. That is sad,

Moreover there are chances that the RSS feed ( which you can get with , , ) will show the whole post in the feed reader )

Be very careful of those. Even I have to find a way to make my posts only half so that the person reading has to get come over to my blog ) naah , I will let it that way , it is a cheating funda basically.

2. If you are a new blog writer, chances are that your ranks would not be in the top list even if you search you own blog in will take some months before it happens. take this blog as an example you will find it in the search results only after a huge number of pages and if you put the whole site in the search url you will only on or two posts. Try Google webmasters tools to find out when the google bot visited you last

3. Try commenting in other communites and others blogs . Chances are high that for a good comment you might get visits. But that my friend is for people who are doing it for a long time. So no hopes of quick things here

4. Getting free link backs is a tough ask but once you catch hold of newer blogs and newer stuff you might enjoy the chance to be on top in those social networking sites. I will try Stumble upon today . Let me see what comes out of that. Rating sites like comscore and Alexa will help you know your rarings too. Currently as of May 31st 2008. my first month at my second innings in blogging. I am now 26 million plus in ranking. Will have to wait for a few months before I garner some sutff

And finally dont believe in people who say that you need to spend 2 hours a week to earn the big buck . Sorry freinds that is a hoax.

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