Saturday, May 31, 2008

Widgets for blogs

I never knew that the number of widgets have gone so high ( i do remember that in the last blog that I had written a year back there used to widgets that could actually choose a new wikipedia topic everytime and put it there in your blog.
So that was nice.

But now it seems that they increased the total number of widgets available to such a huge number that people are voting for the top 50 of them. I thought let me take a closer look,

This guy

Has more than 58 thousand widgets in its gallery, Some of them are pretty funny like it will randomly choose a babys name ( something new ) to your blog and if you are not getting any traffic due to the sadness that your blog exudes, I believe that you will definitely make more traffic with baby names.

There are hundreds of sites that keep a listing of baby names but nothing like a small widget that keeps that randomness alive.

There is something call flixn ( now this is serious stuff ) trust me, this will keep your webcam streaming directly into your blog, Can you believe it the number of things that these guys will do.

it seems that there are serious bloggers who will sit around their laptops all day doing nothing but showing themselves typing ( I think even if they get speeds taht Bruce Almighty had , they wont stop blogging )
It is like a let out for many people. Publishing was never easier.

Look at me , typing all ways from my outlook . I believe publishing anything online is now made a whole of lot fun business.
I will try some new gadgets this year,

widgets that link you to some of your favorite games, online, widgets that bring up a new jigsaw puzzle everyday. But I wont go to the extent of putting everything out there just for fun. Since I believe in serious blogging.

Try this site for some of the most interesting stuff ever

I will add this MyblogLog stuff, it seems Yahoo was so impressed with it that it has finally resolved to buying it.

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