Thursday, May 22, 2008

You tomb

Somebody sent the files and videos on You tube to you tomb. This website

tracks the videos and other urls that were taken out of you tube due to copyright

violations and other problems like content.

Visit this at

I could find some interesting ones like Rafsanjani on Iraqs nuclear issues

The Roddy Piper story , Born to controversy .

Josehp Cohain and Judaism and Islam

Sugababes ugly lyrics, you gonna like it.

Ufo fleet etc


There are people out there thinking all kinds of ways to get some popularity online. Get readership . Youtomb may not be a path breaking idea but the folks in MIT do have some free time it seems.


One thing I really like is the Dominic Sunset, it is seen after a nuclear test.

In terms of videos they have monitored they not yet crossed the one million mark. Guys also you can use the to save you tube videos on youtube


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