Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Genres of blogs

Well, Blogs have been classified under a lot of genres as of now,


Political blogs, travelers blog, There is a Discovery TLC program I think which is called travelers diary, I  am sure with internet connectivity slowly we will be having travelers blog in the near future.


I came across this interesting web site called the gawker , it is all about gossip blog. It has media gossip and stuff like that. It might not be of interest for the Indian audience. Our quality of gossips has not reached the kind the Americans do. Be it their relationships with Hugo Chavez or the drama that continues for a whole year before the Presidential elections.  


In India currently the blogging is mainly cut down to C/C++ puzzles, ramblings of the software guys, sarcasm about the Indian service industry , population explosion and the lack of girls in society ,

Someday I will move into serious blogging and will do the same that is what we grow up with, With us the political scenario matters absolutely nothing for the educated individuals and for those for whom it matters they don’t even bother about coming online once a month.


Though there are people who are smart and write a lot . Some of them like Domain Maximum , Search for him in  google, It was written by Sidin who is a IIMA graduate. He started blogging even before he wrote his CAT exams. People have been following his growth since then. This guy is a gem of a blogger and we need more like this. Talent in this country is lost in feeding the American corporate and the pressure of being born as a Indian in this rat race takes its toll. The result being the lack of interest in creativity. Renaissance will come but after some mote years. Till then lets try our share through this skip a  meal and write a quick blog sessions.

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