Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mad making money

Was just going through this article

Though mainly the content can be felt without even going through the pains of reading it all the way. If you were to look into my blog here you will find that somebody has written similar content expecting people will search for money making techniques in Adsense and then come to his webpage.

Although there are lot of ads on it showing some interest from the affiliate site. I stay in Hyderabad and I am tired of meeting money minded people who have been raising the house rents every six months. So people who are thinking about money all the time have slowly started to influence my thinking too. I keep reading all these articles online that have no idea what they are typing. Simply collecting a handful of keywords


To find one serious blog you may have to go through many painful ones. I have already told about the next blog feature in Blogger. Others are coming with other brighter ideas too, like the  which is completely based on a persons geographical location and people would stay connected with him forever.


In todays world getting some personal space requires a lot of hard work. In Hyderabad at any point of time whether it is 2 ‘o clock in the night when you expect people to sleep , or whether it is 2 in the noon when the sun is torching you red , you will find people.
That is one thing that you will find everywhere in this country , In todays world even the blogosphere is polluted. I find myself in a tighter spot with work life and personal life both having to be in touch with a lot of people , I took recluse in this blog for some time.

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