Friday, May 23, 2008

Retailers are not affecting small buisnesses in India

People say that India is not a hub of entrepreneurs, I would heavily deny it.

WE all know hundreds of people around us, who as dynamic as anybody else. I see of general stores owners in India who are so adept in the basic management fundas that they don’t need to go to any MBA institute to get their things done.

There are a lot of people out there who run small businesses.


The visualization of entrepreneurs has always been to make it big. That happens in a economy like America where very few people do  really get a chance to start something new. Working for a place like Walmart, target, Macys, Costco Frys is all they would know, Since starting a business competing against these giants not a possibility.

These big guys will come down upon them heavily and the loss will be unbearable for the small guys. And that is one flaming example of the capitalist world and India when it is rising today has every chance of reading, studying and finding out what the mistakes of the past were. We can learn from America . It is a sorry thing that our earlier generation and to an extent even our todays generation is suffering in terms of enjoying all the benefits of the developed nations but slowly we need to find out what were the mistakes of the last century which made America where it is today.


Small retailers will never  be out of the bargain. We will always have them running. I remember seeing some small door to door stores in Queens in New York, they definitely talk in volumes that given a multicultural society you got to have choices. These malls in India are some examples of places where you will find loads of people who are visitors, but this will not last for long. Slowly people will turn their heads to something more useful.  Being an Indian you always get to compare stuff. You always get to see options, you get to see the best and the average always,


With retailers you have a good air conditioned room where you don’t need to fight the crowd , the sweat and you have lots of choices,  But every Indian of this generation will not mould himself to these retailers completely.

Some of the small shops are doing well even in the towns where there are big retailers.  With Walmart growing every year we are sure that no matter what people will buy their basic stuff all the time.  We used have the Sunday mart , and now we have Sunday malls, Man did not change , so business will not change


But in India the chance to do a small bargain once in a while does give a buyer some thing to look forward too



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