Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Innovation and Apple

Newton Apple, etc etc

You don’t need some playful introduction to apple and physics. Well, I am talking about the 3G Iphone, It is almost at the verge of getting deployed soon . While we in India are still awaiting the basic Iphone set itself.

In one way it is good, they may release it and there will hundreds of people who will buy it. Apple does not the power to show off in India. The complete crab culture has shifted to show off spirit in this commodity oriented days. Indians believe in showing off. A typical young lad now knows about brands beyond Adidas , Reebok and Nike. Puma is catching up in India.

Slowly we will not be wearing stuff that were rejected in the Indian factories and nor will we have the low price tag T-shirts. Cricketers will have costlier endorsements for their shoes than NBA players can think of. But all this is attributed to the growth of the popular icons and the bollywood heroes. We are still low down in terms of infrastructure.

For example you cannot have any software to map you the shortest and most accurate way from one place to another, because of the lack of infrastructure.


There is somebody playing the rat here, and that somebody is the ( yea, yea you know who) the Government. With only the back benchers and the mediocre level students entering government service you cannot expect magnificent work on their part. So the iPhone made for another developed nation will only look good in the hands of the cute girl next door but she wont be able to use most of the feature sitting in India. Think about the next gen 3G iPhones. Sorry guys that is not happening.


I know that the astonishing number of iPods that got sold and now that they have become the must travel item on most you guys list, it will not be far when we will able to afford every thing the west dreams of but we will not be able to use them to the fullest.

Neither do we have the best podcasts for the Indian songs, nor there are the podcasting stations in India. Things will catch up but not this generation. Sorry folks, people born in between 1980-2010,

It is still not the time to boast about the nation

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