Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Moli Moli

The newest attractions onlines and to have made some ripple in the alexa ratings is the moli site



I just created on account there to understand how it manages multiple accounts for people online. Not much a attraction for a new comer but is handy for a pro. Don’t expect your own blog to be put there.  They have their own domain registration services and they do have a blog hosting service.

You can have a control panel from which you can access all the billing account and general profile information. When Alexa finds a ripple in its results it lets you know from the Alexa blogs, they maintain it religiously and they have already declared facebook to be a out and out winner in its race wit MySpace. Orkut never lived upto its expectations in the United States,


Though in India you will find the rage still hot for the Orkut phenomenon the western countries seemingly have dropped it from its niche.

Here is one interesting article from Moli to get you a first hand feel about the interface. Cool stuff


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