Wednesday, May 21, 2008

swathmore student links net first blog

The words in the topic are the exact ones I used to search about the first ever blog.

It was called the Though I could not get any trace about it in the first attempt. I had to dive deep to bring out information about it. Justin Hall the Swathmore student started it all back in 1994, 11 years after I was born and now I am 25 . In these 14 years blog has come a long way , it has reached a total follower strength of 100 million now.


I though have some reservations about the number of blogs churned out by the spammers. Since they have all sorts of automated way of doing it, they must be raking in zillions of pages out of nothing. No content , nothing to rely upon , just a blog for the purpose of attracting people and adsense.


Some claim that Dave Winer was the one to do so , though his claim to fame goes back to 1997. This guy , the author of RSS ( really simple syndication )  is a research fellow in Harvard. He is still in Harvard doing research ,


Blogging it seems guys is pretty serious business. Because the third person who is occasionally linked with the origin of blogging is Jorn Barger.

He had  made one of the first programmable computers called the Minivac ( something you read in you beginning years in school ) . I remember it . Well he is supposed to have also coined the term Blog, which was later coined  by Peter Merholz.

Jorn Barger is the owner of the Robot Wisdom .  This is one of the ancient blog of our times. Some of you were not born when it started.






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