Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pay per post stuff

Thinking about all the ways people are making money I searched google today to find out the latest trends in making the buck.

Well, I came across a few sites which actually allow full time bloggers to have a go at it. They will allow you to write something about a product and you can get paid by the advertisers for it. You need to be really good at it, ( so it goes again , if you are not good enough, you will fall behind by a mile ) .
Try this for a bunch of stuff that you can do. Also try to do a search on Izea for PPP stuff ( pay per post )
that way you have a chance of making some money , may be if you are the best in a product review for one item you will end up making $500 in month, but never go by the rankings and earnings of the top the ladder people. Try to be close to the bottom and you will remain happy.

Well, one strong not of warning for PPP guys is it will take your page rank to the sink and you will no longer be visible in the google results. Trust me when I say that a friend of mine who was in the top 10 ranks went to big zero when he went for PPP.

Today I came across this site called Social Spark. The interface almost makes you want to have a go at it. But if you are thinking about long term blogging and not trying alternate stuff ( remember only Google can make really rich , the others will try to become rich themselves fast ) . So , try to do a proper review of whether you want it or, The widget that Social Spark puts on your blog is cute. You can take a look in this blog

The social spark site is
and you will find posts who have earned something or the other, But when affiliated with Adsense, I would not want to do those, Since I had read earlier that when somebody gets chitika e minimalls his adsense earning come down.
That does sound a warning bell, doesnt it ?

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