Thursday, May 22, 2008


I work in a building at the corner of the road in Begumpet , Hyderabad. I usually come across to the main building or rather our head quarters in search of some company since this office has people working all over the night.

Moreover the nights are a pleasant time to work in Hyderabad. You cannot get proper sleep in your houses if you don’t have an air conditioner or at least a cooler,


Well when it comes to Air Conditioners, my friend just got one. He is one of those maniacal guys who will buy whatever kindles in his mind, If he suddenly thinks that the corner of his room would rather be decorated with a exercycle he would buy it


He has also brought one of those ab crunchers. Abs are now a new hot must have stuff. People are trying to get as many as possible. But my friend believes in the Abhishek Bachchan policy, ONE AB only . And he adds that fitness machines are only brought to reimburse your yearly wellness benefit program that your company provides to you as a part of the benefit plan. Moreover, it is generally believed that guest would rather get impressed to see a fitness machine rather than a lazy boy couch.

Also that a bachelor does run out of places to keep their coffee mugs ( if they make some coffee at all ) , or rather ashtrays and these fitness good do more than just make for it. I once remember having watched a whole cricket matche on a table like stuff only to find that was the standard sit up thing one side of which was still not fixed. 


Coming to the point, Indian youngsters are now capable of buying a lot of stuff but when it comes to things like getting cooperation and services we still have to find it  a jaw breaking , bone crunching and skin scathing experience . So  this friend of mine is happy with his two cartons . The internal and the external units of his air conditioner. The one thing that will make him a proud sleeper in this city.


Dreams got curtailed, ambitions got nipped and the budding wishes of my friend got buried in the cities main supplies, the carpenters, the grill guys and the painters.


He forgot that the out of the two cartons will come out a device that will need to be installed. He forgot that some holes in his house like this old fashioned windows will have to sealed by a carpenter before he plunges . He forgot that the AC guys will come and try out the stuff only if the electrician has already made a RCCB northwest connection to your room.


He also forgot the fact , or rather never knew that he had to get extra mains for connecting a AC . So first day he goes to the electricity office, “Sir, I want to put a AC “. They asked for some time, and you know how frightening that wait could be. It could be the next summer , may be the next to next , or may be we will wait till perennial winter.


Well, now that he knows that some day he will be able to get a 440 V connection , he is thinking about keeping the AC with himself as a memory of what it could had been.


As for me, I was happy with a cooler, Now that Hyderabad boasts of sky high rents completely related to the increasing and blemishing heat , scarcity of water in a place like Marredpally which is so near to the main railway station , does not figure into anybody’s head. It is hot and it is dry.  But the rents go up every few months.  Almost every day I go home with a thought that I might find some water in my taps,


Not happening ( courtesy gentleman : Russell peters ) , I have no water to brush my teeth, Out I go , having changed my profile from a software engineers to a man in search of the edifice of life , WATER, first for my brushing, then for the ablutions and finally for the cooler, By that time I realize that I am really tired and need some drinking water.


Somedays I am lucky and there is a chance that the bottle I brought from office is still half empty, I gulp it down. Other days I just have to ride all the way to the nearest open place and get water.


Finally after all the drama I switch on the cooler. WHAT ON THE EARTH COULD HAVE HAPPENED, IT BLEW AWAY THE FUSE.

That’s  it, for the night , I happily come to office at night. Sleep on the carpet floor.

Well, if I finally get married sometime I may think of getting that AC , but to set that I might need to buy a house . And that my friends is a sad story that I will tell you some other day.


By the way another of my seniors did buy a AC and did all the hard work to get the AC mains supply from the electricity office, only to find the house owner retaliate very badly.

The scars from that incident are still fresh and there are flies still hovering over the gash



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