Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Why Niche blogging is still not working in India

I was reading about the popularity of Orkut community for Roadies recently. The moderator says that there is an increase in the number of members recently after the Roadies 5.0 success but the number of people registering in India is less than 1500 everyday , With a collective membership of 1.5 lakh this community is termed to be very happening in the current scenario.


Orkut and Roadies having been in the limelight in the youth circles in the last few years does reflect general scenario . But I am not sure about the popularity that the net reflects is the correct one or not. People are flocking into the net centers in India only to chat and increase their social networks. Social networking sites are the inthing now for obviously the teenagers and the pro teens . ( I mean the 20-25+ somethings that still consider themselves teen at par with the new ones ) .


This is a very low count in terms of everyday membership. Roadies is a house hold term and Orkut the passion for many teenagers living in different corners of India. Facebook is yet to hit , only the cliché is making some  noise in those sites. So the really bites you that India is still far behind in terms of online presence. People like me with no time to be online most part of the week and new age MBA ‘s have their time management fundas pretty clear. Go online only if required else do it the old fashioned way, believe in your own networks. Virtual world is still at bay. I wonder if something were to take over the Internet, there will be many a cripple families in the United States but in India it has a long way to go. People still rely on their instincts and the jungle laws still hold true. Niche blogging in India will catch up later when the youth tends towards the net for a feeling of presence . Currently with the population explosion in our hands, we Indians don’t need the internet to socialize and express our feelings.

 Kolkata Addas ,big, The tollygunge metro,  they all reflect the passion for a free chat once in a while. Isnt it?

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