Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bangali Samiti in Hyderabad

There has been a exodus from Bangladesh and West Bengal as well as Bihar for the last 100 years or so . Writers like Jhumpa Lahiri get all the inspirations from these poor souls that left their mother land only to survive the hard years,


Now the times have changed and  we have some of the most prosperous families in London from out own Sylhet district , You might have come across people who talk in the sylheti dialect “ Kita Beyyy, jaiibaai neee”


That is a sweet one. Bengalis from Shillong do that. Then there is a prosperous Bengali community in the Chittaranjan parj in New Delhi, This place is a Bengali A class location for the last 50 years. The babus that got transferred with rise in power and position in the administrative services in the top brass of the government.


Well, it is Biharis who dominate the fight for the top positions in Bihar, but that is because that is their only ticket outside. Some of the costliest Durga Puajs take place in Mumbai and we have left behind the local festivals with sheer might of talent, art and influence.


Benaglis though I have a strong reasoning to be cynical is the fact that they don’t open restaurants and hotels wherever they go. They don’t find it a lucrative idea. They know that most of the people migrating are poor and in that way they never provide for food in the area they go.


Bengalis book the costliest Conference rooms and hotels in the world. Last time I visited Donald Trumps Taj Mahal outside New Jersey I found it funny that Bengalis had booked the biggest conference hall there to celebrate the communities presence there. But the food is something we always have adapted,.


You will find a north Indian whining about rotis in south india but the Bengali will happily eay the doas and idly that the locals despise and take the art home only to improvise. But I believe it is time we do more.


There is one restausrant in the lower tank bund and that is too small to provide for all.  

The address is lower tank bund , outside the RamKrishna Mission.

The number is 040 2763 5920


I have also replied queries for home made food. Call 040 32927849

It is not a hotel but good place to get home food

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