Thursday, May 22, 2008

Depressing for the new bloggers

This dialogue with Guy Kawasaki will raise some concern among people who will want to do some serious blogging in the near future. I just read it

And found it pretty depressing.

Try for any new ideas you have. But you will need tons of money is what I hate. I don’t have it. And I am running out of ideas too.

So what say , I give it up and try other vistas.


Yes people out there , the latest news doing the rounds is that the social networking sites are raking in more money than any other thing online.  All the top website earners are basically making people  meet in their website and they slowly grow from there. Jumla, Drupal all are gaining grounds on the same base. They are heavily relying on site development with the purpose of making people meet.


I am sure if you are the owner of adultfriendfinder, you will be earning zillions if some affiliate is ready to advertise with you , Adsense as a policy will not.


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