Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Looking at the fortune 500

Bill gates yes, he is the richest man in the world. I mean this year he was dethroned, but it would not hurt him much.

He would not what he could have possibly missed by not being the richest man in the world for a year.


But what I was surprised to see is that Microsoft is not among the top 10 Fortune companies either. The IT boom or whatever is totally dependent on the businesses that flourishes because of the network generated, But finally it is one solid man to man transaction that will make a profit a part of which will be credited to the software,


So people it is true that if you are thinking that big riches will come by your way if you do something big in the software market. Nope you are wrong with your basic. Yes computers have revolutionized the world but after all they are our slaves and the industry that actually matters is the one where there are actual transactions taking place. There is some body paying for something. Think about it, when somebody is using amazon to buy something , Amazon is only getting a part of the pay ( a very paltry part ) .By the way Microsoft is 44 in the Fortune 500 ranks. Walmart this year did a very smart thing, With the slowdown in the economy it makes sense that people will want things which are cheaper, and also if you give a price which is 20% less than sunny days, what you generate is a sense of urgency and need to buy it or rather hoard it now. Americans are learning it the hard way too, they have started to hoard stuff and as a result the sales increased. They made whopping net sale increase of 100 billion dollars. That is like 400 000 crore rupees, Just the amount we need to get our roads mend ( HuH ) and to fill the pockets of politicians , stuff them with so much that they cant take it anymore and they seriously get back to some work

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