Sunday, May 25, 2008

What about African nations

WE keep reading stuff like India and China the next economic giants and as the seniors will comment that every civilization has its upheavals and down falls,

So is this the end for all, It depends on what the future has in store for us. We in India have a strong disagreement with whatever is written online and in other countries. You need to come down to India and live here to find out the truth,

I will write a blog sometime in future about rupee earnings and dollar spent.

We are down to that level, almost all the services are coming to level with the American society but the quality of living is still far behind,

Think of the psychological mentorship that happens in any western developed country to fight stress and teenage problems we are nowhere near to that kind of luxury of life, we still at the materials level


Go to any developed country and you will see miles and miles of road which area well maintained and constructed. Directions, maps and accurate road signs. The whole country has internet connection, It is provided with water and electricity.

Huge  building. Too much of concrete, paint, marbles, granite have all gone to become the cities what they are today, In terms of energy their car culture has eaten up the oil reserves to un negotiable extent. The damage is irrecoverable. The average American thinks that the life style he gets is something he deserves and out of his virtuosity without realizing the  fact that it is at the cost of 5-10 other people suffering in a third world country.

When Bush says Indians have started to eat more food he means that Indians have started to not starve , since the way he puts it, it seems as if he is blaming us of gluttony. I just read this article about Ghana already clearing off the debts of IMF and IMF now standing at 16 billion only. African nations are coming up to terms with developing infrastructure and better education. IMF is thinking about reducing their staff  because of lack of work. Hundreds of people surviving on paper work will get unemployed. All this due to poor nations working hard day and night only to strive for better quality of life


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